Google Flights has just added more features to its search page — providing information on Wi-Fi accessibility, signal strength, in-seat and USB power outlets, on-demand video and other amenities. With this latest addition, users will be able to compare and book a flight more quickly and precisely.

As previously reported by TechTimes, Google has relaunched Google Flights with enhanced features to make searching for a flight a more rewarding and fruitful experience. Moreover, in addition to helping users find a flight, Google also gives tips and advice, helping travelers get more out of their booked flight.

Users traveling to an unfamiliar place can take advantage of the added information on Wi-Fi accessibility to do further research at the airport. The Wi-Fi service allows them to easily access valuable information and data such as maps, nearby hotels and the exchange rate. They can also use a local language translator — which is especially helpful when they find themselves staring down a foreign menu at a restaurant. Furthermore, they can easily call their friends and family using their handset's Wi-Fi capability.

The new feature is a result of Google's partnership with Routehappy, a company that delivers flight-rating services. The agreement has global coverage and applies to flights in all regions.

Routehappy is known to have an unbiased rating system on flights worldwide. The company stresses that their data can track every single flight and that its research places emphasis on 200 focus airlines. Thanks to their partnership with Google, air travelers from every part of the world can enjoy a facilitated way of travel.

The added Wi-Fi feature can also have a positive effect on airlines, helping them to enhance the quality of their offered services.

If a traveler's primary reason for choosing one flight over another has been cost, the next factor in arriving at a decision could just be the opportunity to use Wi-Fi. After all, airports make great locations for taking a "selfie," and people are always keen on sharing their selfies through social media and messaging apps. 

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