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New Google Flights Features Rolled Out: AI-Powered Predictions For Flight Delays, Limitations On Cheap Tickets

Google launched two new Google Flights features that will make traveling easier for users. The first feature uses artificial intelligence to predict flight delays, while the second feature explains the restrictions of cheaper tickets.

Google February 1, 2018

Google Flights Now Helps You Find The Cheapest Airplane Tickets And The Best Time To Book

Google has rolled out a cool, new Google Flights, offering price tracking options just in time for the holidays. The company aims to help users get the best deals on airplane tickets and hotel accommodation.

Google October 17, 2016

Destinations On Google Will Do The Heavy Lifting If You're Planning Your Next Vacation: Here's How It Works

Traveling just got a lot easier with Destinations on Google, a feature that lays out all your traveling options neatly on your smartphone. You can now plan your perfect vacation with a quick Google search.

Internet March 9, 2016

Google Flights Can Now Be Used To Find Wi-Fi Equipped Flights

Google Flights has partnered up with flight-rater Routehappy, and will provide air travelers with even more detailed search results.

Internet March 17, 2015

Google Flights Update Now Gives Info On In-Seat Power Outlets, Wi-Fi And Legroom And More

Google Flights has been injected with RouteHappy's Scores and Happiness data. Now, Google Flights can filter trips by amenities.

Internet March 16, 2015

Google Launches Google Flights To Help You Find Best Airfare Deals

Google launches a new Search platform dubbed Google Flights, which aims to help users find the best travel deals.

Internet February 27, 2015

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