An image of what is allegedly the iPhone 6's edge-to-edge display has leaked and is shown next to the 3.5-inch iPhone 4s and 4-inch iPhone 5s displays.

The iPhone 6 has been making news even before the iPhone 5s hit store shelves. The fabled smartphone has been rumored to ship with a display from anywhere between 4.7-inches all the way up to phablet category of 6-inches. It's pretty safe to assume that Apple will likely release the iPhone 6 with a display larger than the iPhone 5s' current 4-inch display, just like the iPhone 5 moved past the standard 3.5-inch screen Apple had been using for years.

A new images of a larger iPhone display with an edge-to-edge screen has popped up on the Chinese forum WeiPhone. The image has since been removed but can be seen on The image is the usual blurry cam fare that we see months before anything could possibly be real. The screen on what is reportedly the iPhone 6 is slightly larger in height than the iPhone 5s' 4-inch display and it appears that by removing the bezel around the screen Apple may be able to ship the iPhone 6 with a larger display, while keeping its overall size closer to that of the iPhone 5s.

Recent reports have also claimed that the iPhone 6 will ship with an 8-megapixel-rear camera sensor and will use an aperture size of f/2.0, which is a step up from the iPhone 5's aperture size of f/2.2. The larger aperture size will reportedly allow the iPhone 6 to take better low-light shots. The iPhone 6 will also likely be the first device to ship with iOS 8, which is currently in testing under the codename Okemo. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 8 at its WWDC 2014 conference in June. Current rumors claim that a major focus of iOS 8 will be dedicated to health and fitness and tie into the rumored iWatch smartwatch.

While it hasn't been verified as a fake, if you look at the image above you'll notice that Home button on the screen claiming to be the iPhone 6 is off center, something Apple's strict design standards would never allow.

As always and especially when it comes to images claiming to be unannounced Apple devices, take this iPhone 6 edge-to-edge display leak with a huge grain of salt.

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