Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to offer a message about the future of the Tesla Model S.

The tweet suggested that the Model S' so-called "range anxiety" would end through a software update to the car.

"Tesla press conf at 9am on Thurs. About to end range anxiety ... via OTA software update. Affects entire Model S fleet," said Musk via his tweet.

Range anxiety essentially refers to the fact often owners of electric cars do not know if their car has enough of a charge to make it to where they need to go. It can also refer to when an owner can't find a charging station between their departure location and their destination.

Tesla has done over-the-air software updates multiple times in the past, which is done through the cars' built in 3G data connection.

Some, however, suggest that the tweet is more of a boast than it can live up to. Musk has been known to talk big on Twitter in the past, leading customers to believe one thing when in fact the company is announcing something else. The news also continues Musk's trend of announcing Tesla-related news at odd hours during the week. This tweet was posted early on Sunday morning.

Often his tweets have even caused Tesla's market share to rise, however Musk suggests that he has never tweeted in order to actually change the market share price of his company.

"Some people seem to think I tweet to affect share price. This is false. A brief rise in Tesla stock obviously does no good for Tesla or me," said Musk in another tweet. "Neither I nor the company are selling shares. Even if we were, I wouldn't do this. It would be wrong. Our long term results are what matter."

Tesla has had a pretty rough year so far, with the share price of the company dropping by around $20 since Christmas. According to some reports, the reason for the uncertainty surrounding Tesla's future has been the drop in gas prices, essentially boosting sales of non-electric vehicles.

His most recent tweet could actually signal a number of different things, from a change in the way the car tells users that their battery is low to improving how the car handles electricity. It could also include an update of the cars navigation system, which essentially tells users where charging stations are located. Range anxiety, however, is a big issue on Tesla's cars, suggesting that the announcement to be made on Thursday will be a big one.

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