If it wasn't already clear, it became painfully obvious that Minecraft is the biggest video game in the world when "The Simpsons" elected to do an opening couch gag dedicated to the blocky building title.

The intro was enjoyable enough, but something just felt off about it. It was a cartoon made to resemble Minecraft, not actually be Minecraft. The colors were all wrong and Homer's face looked kind of weird. Thankfully, YouTuber and Minecraft player Barley Regal has fixed that with a Simpsons intro of his own, produced with the actual game engine. Watch it below:

It's definitely a sight to behold. Since the whole video is made with the Minecraft game engine, Barley Regal had to recreate nearly all of Springfield, along with a number of interiors seen in the show's opening. From the band room at school to the grocery store, the whole intro is there. It's just much blockier.

That is, of course, part of Minecraft's charm. Barley Regal used the recently released Simpson family skin pack to bring the characters to life in the intro. The actions and expressions of Minecraft characters are sadly limited, and that meant a few changes to the intro.

We will never know what Minecraft-Bart is writing on the chalkboard, and skateboards apparently don't exist in the world of Minecraft. In spite of these limitations, Barley Regal does a good job of bringing the intro's humorous moments into the game world.

From Lego to "Game of Thrones" recreations — if it exists, it has been done in Minecraft. You can now add "The Simpsons" intro to that list.

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