Minecraft is Already Turning out to be a Money Maker for Microsoft: HoloLens Should Make it Even Bigger


Last year, Microsoft shocked the world after the company announced that it had acquired Mojang for more than $2 billion. This big acquisition made Microsoft the owner of Minecraft, one of the most popular video games of all time.

In a press release, Microsoft stated that it plans to break even on its investment by the end of 2015, and at the moment, it appears the company is well on its way to do just that.

Microsoft released its second quarter fiscal report not too long ago, and it shows a company that is thriving with a great future ahead of it. The video game division saw a 79 percent rise in revenue and from what we've come to understand, Minecraft is a big player here.

It only goes to show that Minecraft is already making the software giant a lot of money, and 2015 has only just begun. So far, the game has been sold over 18 million times on the PC and Mac combined, and in just 24 hours, 10,000 copies were sold.

These numbers alone should prove how popular Minecraft is, and that Microsoft made the right decision in purchasing Mojang before the likes of Google or Amazon.

For now, it is unclear what the purchase of Minecraft means to Microsoft, and what the company plans to do with it in the future to come. We have seen a few of the company's ideas, and so far we are more interested in the HoloLens plus Minecraft plan.

Should Microsoft do a splendid job with HoloLens, we could see the company increasing its Minecraft sales by another 10 million by the end of 2016. It is no secret that folks enjoyed the demo of Minecraft in the living room, which is why they will purchase a HoloLens device.

The combination of both products could be the winning formula Microsoft has been looking for, and if everything goes according to plan, the company will not fail.

We should also point out that there's a Minecraft movie in the pipeline, and it is expected to be helmed by the same person who did The Lego Movie.

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