Brikk just threw down the diamond-studded, golden gauntlet and dared other luxury brands to just try and pick it up.

If you thought the $17,000 Apple Watch Edition was opulent, take a gander at the $114,995 Lux Watch Omni, a customized version of Apple's smartwatch covered in diamonds and 18-karat gold.   

Brikk, the company that specializes in "couture products and accessories" like a $8,395 diamond-encrusted iPhone 6, is also selling an 18-karat pink gold, 24-karat yellow gold and a platinum version of Apple's pricey wearable. All models come in 38 mm and 42 mm sizes.

If you just want to spend a little money, the Lux Watch Standard model comes with only one row of diamonds that circle the watch face, though it is available in all three materials - pink gold, yellow gold and platinum - and ranges in price from a measly $7,500 to just a paltry $8,000. Quite the steal.

For those who want to get a teensy bit ritzier, the Lux Watch Deluxe offers the same yellow gold, pink gold and platinum options, but it also offers multiple rows of diamonds across the watch face and band, all for only $49,995.

As for the pièce de résistance, there is the Lux Watch Omni, set with multiple rows of diamonds around the face, buttons, strap clasp and a full strap covered in diamonds.

All customized models from Brikk use the Apple Watch with the stainless steel case and the Link Bracelet band as a base for all the luxury materials. Brikk also promises each watch will come with a "Zero Halliburton aluminum case with carbon fiber interior," a user manual, "expected accessories," a diamond-studded certificate of authenticity and a one-year warranty.

You may want to cut the yacht staff's salaries this summer, though, because preordering the Lux Watch Omni will run you $10,000. To add insult to injury, delivery will take four to six weeks after the Apple Watch initially hits stores. Of all the nerve. Hopefully you'll get by with your Rolex collection until then.  

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