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62 Percent Of Apple Watch Owners Will Buy The Next Model Just Because

A strong majority of Apple Watch owners said they plan to upgrade to the next version of the watch, which is expected at Apple's upcoming WWDC event in June. That's regardless of what specs the next Apple Watch packs.

Wearable Tech April 10, 2016

Here's How Much An Out-Of-Warranty Apple Watch Sport Repair Will Cost You

Apple has reduced the out-of-warranty repair cost of the Apple Watch Sport from $229 to $199. The out-of-warranty service fees for the Apple Watch Hermès and Apple Watch Edition remain the same.

Wearable Tech March 27, 2016

Apple Fever: Almost Half Of Apple Watch Owners Unsatisfied With Current Model Would Still Buy The Next One

Wristly conducted a survey on Apple Watch owners to assess consumers' satisfaction with the device. A number of respondents cited a general lack of value and poor performance as the main reasons for their dissatisfaction, but roughly half said they would still consider buying the next model.

Wearable Tech December 2, 2015

TAG Heuer Connected Vs. Apple Watch: The First Luxury Android Wear Smartwatch Goes Up Against Apple

TAG Heuer has finally launched its much rumored luxury Android Wear smartwatch just in time for the holidays for those who have $1,500 to spare for gifts. How does it compare to the Apple Watch?

Wearable Tech November 10, 2015

Apple Surprises With $50 Discount On Apple Watch If You Buy An iPhone 6s Or iPhone 6s Plus

Apple is uncharacteristically offering the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport with a $50 discount, but only if you buy it with a new iPhone at select retail stores. Here’s where you can buy a brand new discounted Apple Watch.

Wearable Tech November 1, 2015

Apple Watch Coming To T-Mobile And Sprint On Sept. 25

T-Mobile and Sprint announced that they will have the Apple Watch available. The major U.S. carrier offers a deal to Apple fans that's hard to refuse.

Wearable Tech September 24, 2015

Can't Afford Apple Watch Edition? How About This Gold-Plated Edition?

Turning a regular stainless steel Apple Watch into a gold-plated edition could just be the next best thing if you want to have a cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch Edition, which can cost you anywhere from $10,000 to $17,000.

Wearable Tech May 27, 2015

Apple, Samsung Rivalry Over? New Galaxy S6 Edge Video Very Similar To Apple Watch Edition Promo

Samsung and Apple are playing nice again, and that could spell trouble for companies looking to supply parts for iPhones, iPads and Macs. Samsung is even dressing its promos like Apple ads again.

Business May 4, 2015

Beyoncé Spotted Wearing Apple Watch With Some Extra Bling

Beyoncé is reportedly seen wearing an exclusive gold Apple Watch not yet available publicly for sale. The Watch is designed with a band made entirely of gold, which is a custom variant of the wearable.

Society April 22, 2015

Apple Watch Offered At Half Price To Apple Employees: Sweet But Could Have Been Sweeter

Apple offers a 50 percent discount on the Watch and Watch Sport to employees but only $550 for workers looking to buy the high-end $10,000 Edition.

Wearable Tech April 7, 2015

Apple Watch Edition Price Lets You Skip Lines? It'll Just Take $10,000

If you plunk down the ten grand for an Apple Watch Edition, you get to jump ahead of the Apple Store queue and go on a personalized “journey” with a dedicated Apple Watch expert as your guide.

Wearable Tech March 30, 2015

This Apple Watch Costs $115,000 And Is Covered In Diamonds

A $115,000 Apple Watch from Brikk, a company that specializes in a luxury products and accessories, is available as the Lux Watch Omni - an 18-karat pink gold, 24-karat yellow gold and a platinum version of Apple's pricey wearable.

Wearable Tech March 17, 2015

The Apple Watch Edition Costs $10,000 - Here's Why It Will Sell

Apple recently unveiled its new Apple Watch Edition, costing a whopping $10,000. While many suggest that Apple is unlikely to sell the expensive wearable, there are a number of reasons why it will sell.

Wearable Tech March 12, 2015

Apple Watch Vs. Apple Watch Sport Vs. Apple Watch Edition: What's The Difference From $349 To $15,000

The much-awaited nitty-gritty on the Apple Watch revealed.

Wearable Tech March 10, 2015

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