Most people think of The Walking Dead as one of the darkest, grittiest shows on television. Others think of The Walking Dead games as some of the most emotionally-crippling titles ever made.

Both were huge hits because of this ... but if you think about it, if either were made just a few years ago, they'd be completely different from what we know.

For instance, imagine if The Walking Dead was released during the heyday of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It certainly wouldn't be dark and gritty; in fact, it'd probably be full of bright colors, catchy music and infinite ammo.

At least, that's how the folks over at CineFix saw it:

The Walking Dead has never been so adorable.

What's impressive about the video is that, while it's in an almost unrecognizable form, it actually does a great job of compressing the first two seasons of the AMC show. There's Rick's awakening, the discovery of the zombies at the barn and even the discovery of the prison all wrapped up in a cute 8-bit style. Sure, you probably wouldn't want to watch the whole show like this, but if you want to catch up on the first two seasons, it's not so bad.

Depending on your point of view, the video's style and abruptness is either hilarious or somewhat startling. For example, finding out what happened to Sophia on the show was a drawn-out, agonizing experience ... in the game, it's only a few seconds long and ends with a no-hesitation kill shot. It's brutal despite being in an 8-bit form — it's kind of amazing that such an emotional response can come out of something so simple. It's like the antithesis to the show, and yet, the emotional reaction is almost identical.

Clearly, it's time to ditch the moral choices of Telltale's The Walking Dead series: fans need the NES-era version now!

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