'Star Wars Battlefront': 5 Things We Want To See In EA's Blockbuster Reboot


For the first time ever, fans will finally get to see the new Star Wars Battlefront in action in April.

Now that fans know the game is on its way, it's time to start speculating about what will make it in. Will space battles make a return? What about the nigh-unstoppable Hero characters?

Most importantly: can we still hunt Gungans for sport?

There are a lot of questions that should be answered when the game makes its debut in a few weeks, but for now, here are five things we want to see in the next Star Wars Battlefront:

First and third-person combat:

In the original Battlefront games, players had the option of switching between two specific camera angles: first-person and third-person. As such, Battlefront could go from feeling like one of the Halo games to something like a more agile Gears of War at the drop of a hat. DICE is known for its first-person shooters, but giving gamers the option to play around in another perspective would help the game feel like classic Battlefront.

Seamless ground-to-space combat:

Ever since Battlefront II introduced space battles, fans have been hoping for a seamless mix of both on-the-ground and in-the-air combat. Ground-to-space combat was actually planned as part of the original Battlefront III, but DICE has yet to announce anything along those lines for the new game.

With the power of next-gen consoles, it should be doable - as long as the maps aren't so big that they feel empty, ground-to-space combat could end up being the best thing about the new Battlefront.

Improved space battles and vehicle controls:

On a similar note, the space battles in Battlefront II weren't perfect: smaller fighters were easy enough to control, but larger dropships (which were almost required to capture some objectives) controlled like giant, slippery tanks in space. The same holds true for some of the larger ground-based vehicles...basically, Battlefront's driving mechanics could use an overhaul. It doesn't have to be simulation-level realistic, but players should always feel like they're in control, not sliding around on an invisible layer of ice.

Bring the 'Heroes' back, but make sure they're balanced:

The idea of introducing the main Star Wars characters into a game like Battlefront was a solid one: characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker could take to the battlefield and help turn the tide of the war. Unfortunately, the 'Hero' characters weren't that useful in the original Battlefront, though the system was nearly perfected in Battlefront II.

In the new Battlefront, Hero characters should make a return, but they do need a few tweaks: the Heroes in Battlefront II were all wildly unbalanced. Han Solo was basically a glorified Stormtrooper and almost useless, while most Jedi could lay waste to an entire army. Hopefully, DICE can bring these characters back on a more level playing field.

Use classic stages in new, innovative ways:

Look, if it's a Star Wars game, it's going to have a level based on Hoth...but who's to say it can't be something different?

It'd be silly if Battlefront didn't include a few classic stages from the older games, along with the new ones from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but DICE should bring something fresh to each of them. Maybe Hoth could be periodically covered in a blinding snowstorm that limits visibility, or soldiers could have to deal with the harsh winds and rain of Kamino. Battlefield has focused on its environments for some time now, and it's definitely something that DICE should introduce to the classic Battlefront maps - it's the perfect way to make something old feel new again.

There's a lot riding on EA - the publisher is bringing back a franchise that many fans thought dead, and expectations will be high. Players want something that truly represents next-gen Star Wars...with any luck, they'll get a glimpse of it in April.

Star Wars Battlefront is scheduled for release later this year.

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