Sometimes, it's difficult to match the perfect pair of shoes with the perfect outfit, but Volvorii Timeless hopes to change that with its new E-ink shoes that change patterns to match your outfit.

The shoes are a pair of women's peep-toe heels that feature an E-ink display that changes via a smartphone app. Now you can customize your shoes to match your outfits, including making your shoes all white, all black or a combination of black and white patterns.

The shoes are part of an Indiegogo project started by Lithuania-based iShüu Technologies. For just $249 plus shipping, you can score a pair of these high-tech heels for yourself. If you refer five friends to donate to the campaign, you can earn a free pair of the heels.

Although it might be cooler to have shoes that change colors based on your outfit, these shoes still feature a clever design that allows you to have many different kinds of shoe designs in just one pair. The shoes' soles have a Bluetooth receiver embedded that allows your smartphone to communicate with it so that you can change the E-ink display on the side of the shoes to whatever you'd like. The shoe also has has fasteners on the front and back that let you attach accessories, such as bows and flowers.

"The Volvorii's clean, elegant, sturdy design brings gravitas, respect and formality in an unmistakable way," states the Indiegogo campaign. "Whether you are a CEO at the apex of your industry or a prospective intern who got it as a graduation present going for your first interview in the corporate world, the Volvorii will carry you with grace."

MIT's Smart Customization Research Group inspired the design behind the Volvorii smart shoe, although the designers aren't affiliated with that group or MIT.

"Using current definitions the Volvorii is a wearable mobile display, another variation of Google Glass that just takes a different form factor," writes iShüu on Indiegogo. "With well designed wearable displays the potential for an unknown talent to create a viral and epic design that can be a world wallpaper in a matter of days is huge."

Photo: iShüu Technologies

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