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Fitbit Launches Fitbit Ace 2 Designed For Kids Age 6 Years And Up

Fitbit recently took the wraps off its Ace 2 fitness tracker. This new wearable device is aimed at kids age 6 years and up.

Wearable Tech March 12, 2019

Voice Search Problems with Your Gear VR? Here’s How to Fix It

If your Samsung Gear VR is having voice search problems, there's a quick fix for that.

Gadgets January 29, 2017

Bloomlife Wearable Puts Moms-To-Be At Ease With Pregnancy Monitoring

A new device has been released, targeting pregnant women in their third trimester. The wearable technology records the frequency and duration of contractions, giving an accurate estimation of entering labor.

Public Health January 5, 2017

Apple Watch Nike+ To Be Available On Oct. 28: Price, Built-In Apps And More

Apple is set to release Apple Watch Nike+ editions of its latest smartwatch on Oct. 28. It will feature a more rugged design and exclusive Nike+ software geared for fitness-minded consumers.

Wearable Tech October 14, 2016

New Apple Product Category Could Launch Next Year As Health-Focused Wearable, But Not An Apple Watch

Rumors surfaced that Apple is building a new wearable product line that will put the health of its users before anything else. The health-oriented gizmos were purportedly described as different from the Apple Watch, raising even more questions.

Apple August 10, 2016

The BioRing Wearable Brings A Personal Trainer To Your Fingers

BioRing is the new health and fitness wearable worn on a user’s finger that tracks and monitors calories, including protein and carb metrics, exercise, sleep, stress, hydration and heart health.

Wearable Tech June 30, 2016

Samsung Charm Fitness Tracker Going International: Here's What The Charming Wearable Has To Offer

Samsung is rolling out the Charm fitness tracker to 'select markets' across the globe, and that means it could pop up at a store near you.

Wearable Tech May 15, 2016

FDA Approves Clinical, Personal Use Of Indego Exoskeleton

Indego exoskeleton receives approval from FDA for clinical and personal use in the U.S. People who are paralyzed below the waist can stand up and walk using the Indego exoskeleton.

Life March 12, 2016

This Full-Body Swimsuit Comes With A Fin

Startup company WaveWrecker has designed a wetsuit that includes fins.

Wearable Tech January 20, 2016

The Nadi Yoga Pants Correct Your Yoga Positions Using Haptic Feedback

Ben Moir and Billie Whitehouse from Wearable Experiments have designed a new pair of yoga pants that correct the user's yoga positions using small vibrations in the pants.

Gadgets January 15, 2016

Fitbit Faces Lawsuit Over Faulty Heart Rate Data

Smartwatch company Fitbit faces a class-action lawsuit from users who claimed the products' heart rate data are faulty. Inaccurate heart rata data could be dangerous in certain cases. Fitbit denied the charges and plans a vigorous defense.

Wearable Tech January 9, 2016

High-Tech Wearable Tattoos Debut At CES 2016: MC10, 'Reshaping Healthcare'

MC10 brought two items to CES 2016, with different audiences in mind. The first is aimed at researchers who study neurodegenerative disorders, while the second is a skin patch that tells users when they tanned enough.

Health Tech January 7, 2016

Samsung Wearable Technology Ventures Into Uncharted Territory With New Smart Ring Patent

Samsung recently filed a patent for its latest wearable technology. The smart ring is rumored to inherit Samsung’s smartwatch tech, making it able to control electronic devices such as tablets to smart TVs and even home lighting systems.

Wearable Tech December 30, 2015

You Could Soon Control Your Smartphone With Your Feet

Researchers at MIT are developing a new system of control that could enable users to control Bluetooth-connected devices like their smartphone using gestures from their feet.

Gadgets November 27, 2015

Fitbit Will Launch FitforGood Campaign That Lets Users Track Their Steps For Charity

Fitbit will launch a charity campaign called FitForGood that lets users count the steps they take toward monetary donations to three organizations.

Wearable Tech November 6, 2015

The Rufus Cuff Is A Wearable Tablet Straight Out Of Science Fiction

The Rufus Cuff might look like a piece of sci-fi retro-tech, but the wearable 3.2-inch tablet for your wrist wants to be the smart device that makes the smartphone obsolete.

Wearable Tech November 3, 2015

Measure Your Carbon Footprint In Real Time With A Wearable Wristband

Worldbeing, a new wearable tech wristband, lets users calculate their carbon footprint. It aims to turn an abstract phrase into a more concrete visual with a connected app that can give you actual rewards.

Wearable Tech October 27, 2015

Microsoft Introduces AR Game 'Project X-Ray', Featuring Wearable Holographic Tech

Microsoft introduces their latest mixed reality game 'Project X-Ray' -- and the HoloLens-based game looks like it could be a winner.

Video Games October 6, 2015

Batband Ear Free Headphones Transmit Sound Directly Into Skull

A new type of headphone called the Batband transmits sound directly into the user’s skull. The headphones allow the listener to also hear sounds in his or her outer environment.

Wearable Tech September 21, 2015

This Wearable Logs Your Day-To-Day Carbon Footprint Through Electromagnetic Sensors

MagnifiSense wants to make it easier to track your power usage and, potentially, help your appliances predict your behavior.

Wearable Tech September 11, 2015

Android Wear Is Now Compatible With iPhones

Android Wear watches now work with iOS, Google announced Monday. You can now pair the LG Watch Urbane with select iPhones, and other future Android Wear watches will also be compatible.

Wearable Tech August 31, 2015

Epson Launches The New Runsense SF-110 With Added Activity Tracking Features

Epson adds to its family of running smartwatches with the new SF-110.

Wearable Tech August 19, 2015

Oura's Sleep-Tracking Ring Wants To Make You A Morning Person

Oura's sleep-tracking ring monitors and suggests improvements for your sleeping habits.

Wearable Tech August 18, 2015

Does This Smart LED Dog Collar Bite Off More Than It Can Chew?

The Buddy collar is feature-filled and futuristic, but perhaps a little too fancy.

Wearable Tech August 14, 2015

Adidas Takes European Mobile Fitness Startup Runtastic Under Its Wing

The Austrian fitness-tracking startup Runtastic has joined the ranks of adidas Group - with a $239 million deal in tow.

Deals August 5, 2015

Wristband Lets You Know What Chemicals Are In Your Daily Environment

MyExposome is a comfortable wristband you can wear that absorbs chemicals and lets you know what chemicals exist in your environment that you get exposed to on a daily basis.

Wearable Tech July 14, 2015

Another Report Indicates Apple Watch Is Bombing As Sales Drastically Plummet

Is the Apple Watch a flop? A new report indicates that sales of the wearable have dropped a dramatic 90 percent since it debuted in April.

Wearable Tech July 13, 2015

Muse Takes Meditation Into The Digital Age

People have practiced meditation for thousands of years. However, Muse is a wearable that has found a way to transform that ancient art for the 21st century.

Wearable Tech June 24, 2015

Intel Acquires Smart Eyewear Company Recon

Intel has acquired Recon Instruments, the company announced Wednesday. Recon is known for making the Recon Jet, smart eyewear designed for sports and high-intensity activities.

Wearable Tech June 17, 2015

What Fitbit Best Fits Your Lifestyle: Fitbit Surge, Charge HR, Charge, Flex, One, or Zip

Fitbit’s current activity tracking lineup includes four wristbands – Surge, Charge HR, Charge and Flex – and two non-wrist worn trackers – One and Zip – which are either clipped, carried or pocketed.

Wearable Tech May 14, 2015

E-Ink Shoes Change Patterns To Match Your Outfit

Wearable technology just got considerably more fashionable with this pair of shoes that feature a black and white E-ink display that changes patterns via smartphone to match whatever outfit you wear.

Geek March 20, 2015

Sony's SmartEyeglasses Are Available For Preorder In The UK and Germany

Just a few week's removed from Google announcing that it will no longer sell its maligned Google Glass, Sony trumpets the arrival of its own wearable tech.

Wearable Tech February 20, 2015

People Pledged $529 Million To Kickstarter Projects In 2014

Kickstarter's '2014: By The Numbers' shows that crowdfunding isn't going away anytime soon.

Internet Culture January 5, 2015

Google Glass v2 May Boast Intel Power

Fears that Google Glass may be dying are rebuffed by reports the smart glasses are up for a major update. Intel will stuff its processing power into Glass.

Wearable Tech December 1, 2014

Apple Watch Production May Hit 30M-40M Range. Yes, Million

Supply chain sources claim Apple has ordered the production of between 30 million and 40 million Apple Watches. The smart watch still looks poised for a spring 2015 release.

Wearable Tech November 13, 2014

Do we really need walkie talkies at work? This startup thinks so

A San Francisco startup revealed its first wearable device for the workplace that allows a group of people to communicate without looking at their smartphones. The device looks like what Captain Picard wore on his uniform in 'Star Trek,' but is nothing more than a smartphone powered walkie talkie.

Geek November 5, 2014

This new piece of jewelry could help save lives

The SIREN may look like just another statement ring. However, it has a hidden feature that could potentially save a woman from a life-threatening situation.

Geek October 31, 2014

Google X developing pill with nanoparticles that can detect cancer, heart attacks and other diseases

Google is working on a magnetic pill coated with antibodies and can be swallowed to monitor cancers, heart diseases and other health problems.

Life October 28, 2014

Nike joins Apple in driving wearable devices forward

Wearable tech needs to be more stealthy, according to Nike's CEO. Nike and Apple will play to each other's strengths to make wearable tech more fashionable and effective, he says.

Wearable Tech October 24, 2014

Doctors treat man for first case of Google Glass addiction

After man checked himself into the Navy’s Substance Abuse and Recovery Program for alcohol addiction, doctors discovered that the man also suffered from the first “Internet addiction disorder” linked to Google Glass.

Internet Culture October 15, 2014

This new wearable tech device will shock you, literally

Want to exercise more, stop smoking or learn how to knit? Pavlok is a new wristband that will keep you on track and help you change your habits... or else.

Geek October 2, 2014

BB.Suit 0.2 is a 3D-knitted onesie that purifies the air around the user

A 3D-knitted onesie called BB.Suit 0.2 cleans the air around its wearer. This air-purifying garment, however, will not be commercially available anytime soon as it is very difficult to wash.

Wearable Tech October 2, 2014

BlackBerry aims to get BBM on wearables, mulling new services for wearable platform

BlackBerry says it's experimenting with wearable tech and plans to release BBM onto wearable products. It's mulling new services for wearables, and says wearable devices are an area of research.

Wearable Tech September 11, 2014

Apple debuting 4 iWatches? Move into wearables predicted to be big

Apple could be debuting a number of iWatches along with the iPhone 6 on Sept. 9. Rumors abound over what those wearable devices might be, and it has observers excited about a new device from the company.

Wearable Tech August 29, 2014

Google Glass has a place in the medical industry with a new app

Consumers are concerned about their privacy when it comes to Google Glass, but patients might be more open. The new app Remedy for Google Glass allows doctors to receive real-time patient updates visually so they can address urgent care and better manage treatment.

Internet Culture August 27, 2014

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