While playing hide-and-seek in IKEA, you might notice some interesting works of art for sale at the furniture retail store.

While some may find the art worthy of being hung above that new bedside dresser they struggle to assemble in their modernly decorated apartment, this group of pranksters had the brilliant idea of hanging a cheap IKEA print in an art museum and capture art enthusiasts' opinions.

YouTubers at LifeHuntersTV used a print from the "Street Art" collection, worth about $12 (10 euros) and displayed it at the Museum for Modern Art in Arnhem.

In the viral video, host Boris Lange shows the artwork to a few art enthusiasts at the museum, asking their thoughts on the piece and how much they think it's worth.

The cheap print features a giant spider riding a whale with some machinery in the background. Lange invites people to discuss this visually interesting piece of art, and they hilariously respond by calling the print "modern" and "shocking."

"You can clearly see that is concerns a form of symbolism," one man says, but we are still unsure what that "symbolism" is.

It might be "a depiction of the chaos in his mind," as one person says, or "primordial shapes, a hut somewhere in Africa."

"Dear me, it's unbelievable," says another.

What's unbelievable is how gullible people can really be.

Lange goes as far as telling the art observers that the print was created by the Swedish artist Ike Andrews, but leaves out it's because of his famous Swedish meatballs.

The prankster then asked people how much this piece of art might be worth and the hilarity continues. One estimates over 1,000 euros, but it's a low guess compared to others.

"You can't buy this in a cheap store," one woman says, while others guessed 200,000 and even 666,000 euros. "If you could buy this for 2.5 million euros, I'd do it," another says.

It seems like IKEA could really make some serious cash if it were to display their cheap art in museums more often.

Of course, it may be funny to us to see people passionate about art speak so highly of an inexpensive print from no known popular artists, but the people pranked struggled to find the humor in the situation.

"The last two guys couldn't even say one word as a reaction and just walked away with red cheeks," say the pranksters. "We could feel the awkwardness."

However, most people laughed it out. Watch the prank below.

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Photo: Rarye | Flickr

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