The joke was on comedian Howie Mandel when he rolled up to his mansion to find it completely TP'ed.

 Now, we aren't just talking about a few ordinary kids coming around to throw a few rolls for a quick laugh. Instead this prank was set up by friend, comedian and vlogger Roman Atwood, known for his prank videos.

In typical Atwood fashion, this prank is pretty insane.

The professional prankster revealed he that he had "never" TP'ed a house before, so it's safe to say that he took the go hard or go home approach.

Atwood set up cameras on Mandel's property and had a truckload of more 4,000 rolls of toilet paper on hand to pull off the prank. He also enlisted Mandel's wife and son Alex to be in on it, probably because he needed access to Mandel's mansion, which is located in a gated community.

Atwood and crew unload their precious cargo, which pretty much covered the entire length of the house. It was enough toilet paper to have guys jump off the truck and onto the soft paper to safely cushion their fall. 

Then, the throwing began. Once you watch all the paper being scattered along the mansion, you realize how insane the clean up for this must have been.

The team, including Mandel's son, rushed to get the job finished before Mandel arrived back to the California mansion after a flight from New York. "My dad just landed, so I sent my mom to go stall him," Alex said. "I don't think we have any time."

Thirty minutes later, Mandel drives onto his property in disbelief. He starts flipping out, cursing as he exits the car. "Are you kidding me?" he says with his mouth open in shock.

"Who can get into a gated community?" he asks, cursing, kicking toilet paper and holding his arms out.

Mandel gets some toilet paper on his shoe but still doesn't find the insanity funny. "Why do you think this is funny?" he demands.

He says that this had to be done by professionals just before Atwood walks on, asking for some toilet paper.

"I just wish I filmed it," he says.

The video ends with an insane toilet paper fight. It has received over four million views in just two days since being uploaded to YouTube. Watch Mandel flip on in the video below.


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Photo: Roman Atwood | YouTube

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