CNN Made A Political Parody Of 'Too Many Cooks' And It Is Almost As Bizarre As The Original


Is the world ready for more "Too Many Cooks"? Well, ready or not, more is in store. Sort of.

CNN created a political spoof of the Adult Swim video that parodied the opening credits of '90s TV shows. Got all that?

Just as the comedy of "Too Many Cooks" came from its absurdly long opening credits sequence for a faux TV show, this clip from CNN introduces us to the insanely long list of characters that may become presidential hopefuls in the upcoming election. That same earworm of a song that is the "Too Many Cooks" theme plays over unbelievably ridiculous — and unbelievably true — clips of the politicians, pundits and entrepreneurs that are probably going to be major players in the 2016 presidential election.

Stick around for the six minutes, and you'll be rewarded with Marco Rubio's super-awkward water bottle grab, Joe Biden's terrifying grin and John McCain busting a move. Of course you could just find all of these crazy clips individually on YouTube or something, but where's the fun in that? Nowhere, that's where.

However, just as there was a much more surreal and sinister spin to "Too Many Cooks" as the video progressed (Smarf, anyone?), CNN's version gets weird too. The music gets slower and it starts to sound bleak as images representing serious issues that might plague the 2016 presidential election take over the screen. These include Vladimir Putin on horseback, global warming and the national debt.

The video soon turns back to normal. Well, normal for "Too Many Cooks" at least, until someone dressed like a "Demon Sheep" closes the clip out. Believe it or not, that "Demon Sheep" clip is also real. It's from California Republican senate candidate Carly Fiorina's viral attack ad against opponent Tom Campbell from 2010. Go watch her full political ad, and this "Too Many Cooks" parody will make so much more sense. OK, no it won't.

While CNN's "Too Many Cooks" parody definitely made me chuckle a couple of times, it does seem strange that the news network would make a parody in the first place. Maybe instead of being lampooned for its news coverage on occasion, CNN now wants to have the last laugh.

Check out the full parody below.

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