HTC One M8 Battery Life Issues: Practical Tips To Extend That Battery Life


Users of HTC's One M8 smartphone, the predecessor to the company's upcoming new flagship smartphone the One M9, have reported issues on the performance of the device after installing the update for Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 5.0.1 Lollipop mobile operating system.

The issues that One M8 users are reporting include the smartphone freezing and the forced shutdown of apps. Frame rates have also decreased, with experiences of lagging when the One M8 is being used for heavy video games.

However, one of the more noticeable and frustrating issues with the One M8 on the Android Lollipop is that, despite the update promising increased battery life, users are reporting the opposite. That is, decreased battery life instead.

HTC has several battery-saving tips posted on its website, leading off with monitoring the battery usage of each app and process on the One M8. By seeing which ones are using the most power, users can turn off the unneeded ones to extend battery life.

The apps that are operating in the background can be accessed by swiping left twice on the Apps section of the Settings screen. They can then be stopped from there, or to prevent the same apps from running when the One M8 restarts, the apps can be disabled through the Downloaded apps section.

The connections of the One M8 could also be contributing to the decreased battery life. Wireless connections such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even mobile data should be turned off when not being used, and GPS is another feature that eats up the One M8's battery. Users are also advised to turn on the Sleep mode option in the Power section of Settings, which turns off the smartphone's data connection after 15 minutes of idleness.

The display of the One M8 also contributes to faster draining of the battery. It is recommended that users lower the brightness of the screen, set the timeout of the screen to a shorter period of time, and refrain from using live wallpaper.

The Quick Settings screen, which can be accessed by swiping down from the main screen of the One M8, can lead to several of the options that can save battery life, including the aforementioned brightness and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings that can be turned off. Users can also turn on Airplane Mode here, which shuts off all wireless communications to save battery life but also prevents the user from receiving any messages and calls.

The Quick Settings screen also gives access to a preset Power Saving mode that simultaneously reduces CPU power, lowers the brightness of the display, turns off vibrations and deactivates wireless data.

While One M8 users are waiting for an update to the Android Lollipop mobile operating system that will solve the current battery life issues, these tips will hopefully stretch battery life long enough for the user.

Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns | Flickr

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