Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. What an emotional roller coaster ride you put us all on.

First you pulled your entire music catalog from Spotify back in November, saying that music should be valued and not given away for free. But now you've gone and put your music back up on the Internet for people to stream through a whole new platform. You're making our heads spin, Taylor.

As of Tuesday, most of Taylor Swift's albums are now streaming on TIDAL, a new online and mobile music streaming service that Jay Z's company S. Carter Enterprises purchased back in late January after putting in a $56.2 million bid. You'll find most of Swift's back catalog available to stream on TIDAL, from her self-titled debut album to Fearless to Speak Now to Red.

However, there is one glaring omission. You still can't stream Swift's most recent release 1989 on TIDAL or any other music streaming platform for that matter, according to a statement from Swift's reps sent to MTV News. So even though you can see the 1989 album cover and full track list on TIDAL, that's all you're getting for now.

TIDAL is positioning itself as a Spotify rival but with higher sound quality, music videos and curated content. You can try out a free trial of the service for seven days, and after that it'll cost you $19.99 a month.

Of course, as Billboard points out, you can still find most of Swift's music through other subscription services like Rhapsody, Beats Music and Rdio if TIDAL isn't your scene. But no matter where you get your Swift tunes, just be ready to pay.

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