Marvel's Secret Wars event has yet to begin but we're already getting a glimpse of what's to follow. Longtime "Avengers" writer Jonathan Hickman will be ending his run with the conclusion of the summer event — paving the way for a brand-new team of Avengers under a different creative team.

On Tuesday, March 24, it was revealed that Ms. Marvel and Thor would join the All-New, All-Different Avengers team. Marvel has now revealed two more Avengers heroes: Vision and Nova.

Marvel is slowly pulling the curtain off the cover of the "Free Comic Book Day" issue of All-New, All-Different Avengers for the reveal. But we can already guess who the remaining heroes on the team will be. Check out the cover below.

The upper left shows a man in a robotic suit — probably Iron Man or War Machine. Leading the charge appears to be Spider-Man — though whether it's Peter Parker or Miles Morales isn't yet known. And smack dab in the middle is surely Sam Wilson's Captain America.

And who might those glowing green hands grabbing out at the Avengers belong to? It's anybody's guess, but Radioactive Man seems like a safe bet. Then again, Marvel loves misdirection — so it truly could be anybody.

This is one of the most diverse Avengers rosters yet, especially if both Miles Morales and Sam Wilson make the cut. Two African-Americans, two women (one of them a muslim) and an android? If that turns out to be the team, it'll be a big departure — even with heroes like Thor, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man, who have all been members of the Avengers over the years.

The image also proves that the current incarnations of Ms. Marvel and Thor aren't going anywhere in Marvel's post-Secret Wars world. It's a smart decision, as Ms. Marvel and Thor have continued to be success stories for the company.

Expect a full reveal of the cover soon, as well as more details on the creative team that will be behind the comic.

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