Have you ever thought about just how many fictional people an American action hero kills over the course of his film career?

If you have, you aren't alone.

A YouTuber by the name AuralNauts has gone one step further by tallying up all the kills of one classic action star - Sylvester Stallone.

The result is the most action-packed and bloody 35 minutes you'll watch all week.

First, a couple of rules. Here is how AuralNauts conducted the count:

1. Guns, blades and projectiles always kill unless otherwise depicted
2. Close proximity explosions kill unless otherwise depicted
3. Indirect kills as a result of an explicit action by Stallone count
4. Kills must occur on screen, or be reasonably indicated through on screen action
5. Dream sequences, fantasies or movies within a movie count. If it's on screen, it's a kill.
6. People that are killed more than once count each time.

Those are the rules. Now check out Stallone in action below.

"People that are killed more than once count each time?" How often does that happen? And should dream people really count? It's up for debate, but Stallone regardless has shot, stabbed, blown up and maimed hundreds of helpless fictional characters. Stallone's final kill count at the end of this epic video, covering everything from First Blood to the Expendables and more? A whopping 539.

To put that in perspective, that is 20 more kills than the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. AuralNauts did a kill count video for him too following the same rules back in 2013. Arnold might be poised to take the kill count throne for himself later this year when Terminator: Genisys hits theaters. Stallone is still in the movie business as well, so it feels like a sure bet that these kill counts will only continue to rise in the coming years. Only when both actors have officially retired will we know definitively who reigns supreme. For now, just enjoy the carnage.

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