Smart locks, also known as electronic locks, are the latest innovation available for your house. A smart lock can even be the best investment you can make as it can prove more useful than an electronic vehicle, smartwatche or other device.

Having a smart lock is a good way to spare yourself the hassle of rummaging for keys in your bag or pocket. The latest technology even allows for syncing between a smartphone and a smart lock regardless of your location anywhere in the world. In other words, it adds convenience and security to the home at a price range surely within anyone's reach.

Here are the best smart locks available on the market today.

August ($249.95). The August Smart Lock works by giving access in a timed setting. This feature comes in handy when you wish to limit access to some household members. For instance, you may want to allow your family members 24/7 access to the front door but prefer giving the housekeeper limited access. This lock syncs with an app, runs on four double-A batteries and is Wi-Fi independent. Best of all, battery power will enable the mechanism even when there's a power failure.

Goji ($278.00). The Goji Smart Lock is made up of a sophisticated electronic lock that replaces the deadbolt on a door. It is is paired with a smartphone to control access. Other ways to control the electronic door lock system include using a key fob or normal deadbolt keys, which are perfect for younger household members who may not yet own a smartphone. Installation is very easy and there's no wiring or drilling required. A particular aspect that sets Goji apart from other similar devices is its camera. It works by taking a guest's snapshot, which is subsequently sent to the owner's phone before he or she decides to allow that person access.


Kwikset Kevo ($219.99). The Kwikset Kevo instantly transforms the owner's smartphone into a key. Designed with Bluetooth-connectivity, this smart lock replaces a regular deadbolt on a door. To unlock the door, the user has to touch the Kevo to send an "open" signal. Users acquiring the entry-level version of this smart lock will get two eKeys, two key fobs and two traditional keys. The latter is handy if the Kevo runs out of power. The major feature is the set of eKeys, which are encrypted codes that you can with your smartphone. eKeys offer more peace of mind than traditional keys because they cannot be duplicated. Moreover, eKeys can allow a guest either scheduled or "anytime" access


Samsung Digital Door ($184.99). The Samsung Digital Door smart lock can be unlocked using RF tags that come with every unit. The smart lock works using a programmed code made up of five to 12 digits that are used to gain entry. It even has a double locking feature that prevents anyone from open the door from the outside. Another amazing feature is the smart lock's capacity to detect fire. It runs on four double-A batteries, which can last for about a yea


Schlage LiNK Wireless Keypad Add-on Deadbolt ($201.78). This smart lock sends out notifications every time the deadbolt is used. It's easy to install, and putting it in place is similar to how it's done with a regular door lock. The deadbolt can retain up to 19 personalized codes that can be used for family and friends. Any time one of the codes are used, the deadbolt sends a notification and indicates which one has been selected. It also comes with an added LiNK service that allows you to monitor access or provide access to anyone using a phone.

Lockitron ($179.00). The Lockitron fits over the thumb-turn on the deadbolt of a door. With the help of a smartphone, the lock can be opened remotely through a Web app or text message. It's also equipped with GPS, which allows it to detect if someone is close by. This means you can easily open the door without having to search for keys or put down items like shopping bags. Other features include the ability to sync with any type of smartphone, the ability to sense a knock and send information as an alert to someone's phone, the ability to track and be alerted when the door is locked or unlocked and to be alerted when someone is home.

Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt ($212.73). The Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt has a sleek, glossy touchscreen panel and a large back in which the unit's electronic parts are nestled. The sharp display lights up in blue, allowing the user to see the numbers in the dark. In addition to being capable of retaining up to 25 programmed codes, the lock can also connect to an existing home automation system. It also has a "privacy mode," which is a good option when going on a vacation. Compared with other electronic locks, this type of smart lock uses Z-Wave technology that allows the homeowner to control door locks, lights and thermostats through a number of devices, including smartphones, tablets and even PCs. Another interesting feature is the product's lifetime warranty.

Anviz L100 Fingerprint Lock ($165.99). Unique and stylishly designed, the Anviz L100 Fingerprint Lock allows access to the home by either using a card or a fingerprint scan. It can be programmed to keep information on all household members. It also has five slots that can be used by temporary users, such as a nanny or guest. The electronic lock is made of stainless steel that comes with black accents, a polished chrome finish and a fingerprint reader in blue. It also comes with an RFID key tag that can come in handy if the fingerprint scanner happens to malfunction. There are also backup keys that come with every unit, which can be useful in case of an emergency or if the lock's batteries run out of juice.


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