Best Bluetooth Speakers: Harman Infinity One, Beats Pill XL, UE Megaboom And More


The boomboxes of a bygone era have been replaced with Bluetooth speakers that come in a wide range of sizes, features and prices. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the speakers are compatible with smartphones and tablets of any operating system, making them valuable additions to the device line-up of music aficionados.

The rapidly increasing quality and quantity of Bluetooth speakers may however be difficult from the average consumer to follow. Here is a list of recommended Bluetooth speakers available on the market today.

Harman Infinity One

A Bluetooth speaker with development input from Linkin Park, the Harman Inifinity One does not skimp on features such as speakerphone and NFC capabilities. The device also has a solid battery life and a sleek design to match its good quality. The price of $300 makes it an excellent choice as a powerful and bold-looking addition to any room.

Beats Pill XL

The Beats Pill XL boasts an integrated carrying handle, a nice set of features including a USB charging port and speakerphone capabilities, and strong sound coming from a Bluetooth speaker. These features make the device a good one, but it has the downside of needing an AC adapter to keep it charged, paired with a $299 pricetag. 

UE Megaboom

The UE Megaboom is a step up from its predecessor the UE Boom, both in quality and size. The larger Bluetooth speaker blasts out louder sound and a fuller bass; it has a better waterproof feature, a wider Bluetooth connection range and amazing battery life. It doesn't come with a carrying case despite costing $300, but that does not prevent the Megaboom from being a consumer favorite.

UE Mini Boom

While bigger Bluetooth speakers are generally louder and sound better, the smaller version of the aforementioned UE Megaboom, the UE Mini Boom, goes against the trend. This Bluetooth speaker features an impressive sound quality and volume despite its small size — and at only $99, the Mini Boom provides fantastic value.

JBL Clip

The JBL Clip does not look like a Bluetooth speaker at first glance, but it is actually capable of releasing solid sound in spite of its small size. At only $45, this Bluetooth speaker is perhaps the best suited for always-on-the-move users, clipping onto bags for music on the go.

Bose SoundLink Color

Bose has long been a well-regarded brand in sound quality, and the Bose SoundLink Color does not disappoint. The Bluetooth speaker features a full-bodied sound in a small device that lasts for up to eight hours straight, with an unexpectedly low price of $129.

Bowers & Wilkins T7

The Bowers Wilkins T7 features high-powered sound output for its small size, with rich bass to accompany the device's unique design. The $349 device's micro matrix honeycomb reduces distortion and vibration, and its digital signal processing further increases sound quality.

Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200

The Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200 is a flexible and fun Bluetooth speaker with a wide range of features, including a voice recorder, a USB converter for digital to analog, a microSD card reader, a charger for smartphones, and even a megaphone that can sound a siren. Not bad at all for only $149.

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