Vine has announced a big improvement in its service and its quality, now allowing users to publish videos in 720p HD.

Until now, users were only able to publish videos in 480p, and the difference from 480p to 720p is huge, especially on more recent displays with higher resolutions.

"Vine has a new, beautiful high quality format. Starting today, the stories you watch and share will look better than ever," said the company in a blog post. "When you watch Vines on our iOS and Android apps, you'll see these quality improvements - they are rolling out over the coming days. You'll also see higher quality Vines embedded in sites across the web."

The fact that Vine has upped its video quality might not matter too much for users who are simply sharing a video of their dinner, but it will certainly make the platform more appealing to brands and companies who might be interested in using the platform in a more professional manner. Those looking to advertise on the platform or through the platform will want the sharpest video quality possible.

The upgrade should be available to iPhone users now and should be rolling out to Android users in the next few months. There's no word yet on the update coming to Windows Phone.

Video sharing has emerged as an extremely important part of how we interact with people online, especially with more and more people having access to high speed Internet.

In fact, Twitter, Vine's parent company, has shown specific interest in video sharing over the last few weeks, even releasing a new live video-streaming app called Periscope, only a few weeks after another similar app was released, called Meerket. The new apps highlight the growing interest in video sharing and capturing.

Not only that, but Twitter also recently acquired SnappyTV, a company that allows media companies to much more easily edit video in almost real time. It is likely that these tools will, at least in some capacity, be included in other Twitter services in the future.

Vine first launched back in 2012 and gained quick popularity, now boasting around 1.5 billion videos that are played across the network on a daily basis. These videos cover all genres, from comedy to breaking news.

It's will be nice to hear that Twitter hasn't forgotten about Vine, even after the launch of Periscope. It is likely that Twitter will continue to update Vine, and we will probably eventually see an upgrade to 1080p and beyond. 

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