It's finally here — "Tricksters," the episode of The Flash we've all been waiting for. Tonight, we'll see the return of Mark Hamill as Trickster — something fans of the series have craved since The CW announced his appearance on the show.

For those not in the know, Hamill originally portrayed Trickster in the 1990s version of The Flash that aired on CBS. Although that series only got one season, fans of DC Comics and The Flash by The CW show remember it fondly.

Fortunately, The CW has been playing homage to its predecessor all along, including the casting of John Wesley Shipp – who portrayed The Flash in the 90s series – as Barry Allen's father on the new series.

Hamill will arrive on the new series with – pun intended – some tricks up his sleeves. We especially like how The CW series used photos of Trickster from the 90s series on the new show.

We now have two more clips from that episode, which tell us about not just one Trickster, but two —including a copycat who's taken on the Trickster name. It's up to Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Dr. Wells to figure out who the villain is, and that means they must gather intel from the original man behind the moniker, played by Hamill.

In the first clip, Barry and Joe investigate the original Trickster's hideout, complete with brightly-colored costumes. They find that the new Trickster stole all the brilliant gadgets created by Hamill's character.

In the second clip, Barry and Joe confront the first Trickster and tell him about the theft of his devices.

As a refresher, Trickster was a mastermind who created devices that built him into the criminal he became. Eventually, he turned into a good guy, though, and a copycat took on his identity. It appears that The CW series wants to work with the original storyline.

For fans of Hamill's Trickster, there is good news, too: the actor will probably return to the role later during the series to join up with the Rogues, something confirmed by The Flash showrunner Andrew Kreisburg.

"Yes, that is the plan," said Kreisburg, when asked if there was "any chance" the Trickster would have a scene with the other Rogues.  

"What's so fun for us and why we were again so grateful to Mark for wanting to be part of this is, when I sit down and I think of Wentworth Miller and Mark in a scene together and watching the dichotomy of them."

The "Tricksters" episode of The Flash airs tonight, March 31, on The CW.

[Photo Credit: The CW]

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