Sure we love Starbucks coffee, but some of their sugary beverages can pack on the pounds. So to balance out their menu with healthier options — and to hop on the kale-crazy bandwagon — the popular coffee chain has introduced three new smoothies to select locations.

Starbucks' new kale-uccino drinks, Evolution Fresh Smoothies, can be ordered starting today (April 1) at a third of the chain's 12,000 locations — including cafes in northern California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho.

The coffee giant has partnered with Dannon yogurt to create the new smoothies, which will cost $5.95 for a 16-ounce, coming in at between 170 and 230 calories.

The smoothies are available in three flavors: Sweet Greens, Mango Carrot and Strawberry. Each is made with Dannon Greek nonfat yogurt, as well as cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice. Customers can further customize their Sweet Greens, Strawberry and Mango Carrot smoothies by adding fresh kale to any of them, as well as protein powder or more yogurt.

"I couldn't be more excited about what these smoothies offer the Starbucks customer," said Jeff Hansberry, president of Evolution Fresh. "They are free from artificial sweeteners or fillers, just a unique, wholesome snack or beverage."

The rollout of the Evolution Fresh Smoothie follows up a 2008 venture, when Starbucks launched Chocolate, Orange Mango and Strawberry Banana smoothies.

As part of the new partnership with Dannon, Starbucks will launch other products like Dannon yogurt cups and parfaits later this season.

The chain also just debuted cold-brew coffee at more than 2,800 locations. The cold-brew coffee will steep for 20 hours with individual locations only receiving one batch a day — which will pour about 40 grande-sized cups.

Coffee and kale? It seems like a strange combo of items to offer (good thing they aren't combined together!) — but at least Starbucks is offering something tasty for everyone.

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