You've already seen what The Walking Dead looks like as a Nintendo game — but why stick with plain old zombies?

There are too many zombies in video games as is — why not try something with a bit more speed?

Rad Racer was many a player's introduction to street racing, but it was lacking in the story department.

The game could have told a riveting tale of a cop-turned-street racer, full of guns, explosions, drugs and more explosions — wait, that's how The Fast and the Furious started! If only there were some way to combine the two...

At this point, it's pretty clear: CineFix knows what it's doing with those 8-Bit Cinema videos.

Perhaps it's just a love of the Nintendo games so many grew up with - or realizing that The Fast and the Furious didn't have all that much story to begin with.

In any case, the latest 8-Bit Cinema manages to perfectly capture the feeling of both.

On top of The Fast and the Furious, the folks over at Cinefix also released a second episode of The Walking Dead. Considering that it looks at Season three and beyond, it may venture a bit more into spoiler territory. That being said, if you loved the first part of The Walking Dead 8-bit, you'll love the second one just as much.

With any luck, CineFix will keep churning out more 8-Bit Cinema. Considering that it's got both cars and crazed cannibals, maybe a Mad Max video is in order?

If you're looking for the "real-life" version, Furious 7 hits theaters this Friday, April 3.

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