Bet you've never seen a dog run up a wall. Most dogs, in fact, come up against a high wall or barrier and simply turn around.

Today someone posted on Imgur an animated GIF of a dog not only climbing walls but actually performing parkour on them. The poster titled it "Hardcore Barkour." Clever.

You can see the GIF below. It garnered immediate interest from Imgur's faithful because... Well, it's not like it's every day that you see a canine scaling walls, jumping off walls, walking across narrow ledges or climbing trees. This dog's got serious skills.

After a little digging, we discovered that the dog in question is a Ukrainian mutt named "Tre-T," and he's been trained to perform these crazy parkour tricks.

His owner, one Elchaninov Eugene, is also a parkour expert and even sells training materials online that you can use to teach your own dog how to do parkour like Tre-T.

Eugene claims that his training teaches dogs to trust their masters more and keeps them in excellent physical shape, among other benefits. He also claims to have taught his methods to multiple dog breeds of various sizes and weights, including dobermans, sheep dogs, rottweilers and even (as impossible as it sounds) dachshunds.

For his part, Tre-T looks like one happy dog. Check out this promotional video for Eugene's training course, and see for yourself.

You can find out more about Tre-T at his website. The English translation is a little broken, but not bad.

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