Online image-hosting service Imgur has launched a new embed feature that will make it easier for bloggers and publishers to use content found on the platform.

The embed feature on Imgur will work similarly to how videos from YouTube are embedded, with content posted on Imgur now also with the additional option to embed them through a dropdown menu.

Clicking on the embed option will then provide the user with a code to use for other websites.

Users looking to use content found on Imgur on other websites previously had to save the images to their computers then reupload them to the website where the images will be used, with the owner of the image to be properly credited. With Imgur's new embed option, the hassle of having to download and reupload a picture is eliminated, along with the possibility that proper credit is not made. The embed code automatically adds attribution to make sure that the image owner is credited.

"There's a massive ecosystem of publishers who regularly post content from Imgur to their own sites," said Imgur product manager Chris Gallello, who admitted that the process was previously inconvenient. With the new embed feature, Gallello believes that re-posting Imgur content would be easier since publishers will only have to copy codes to their websites.

Allowing users to embed content in other websites allowed certain companies to increase their presence around the Internet, such as YouTube allowing their videos to be embedded and posts on Facebook and Twitter also having the same option.

According to Imgur, the embed option is currently being rolled out. In addition, the company said that the option was developed with mobile devices in mind, which means that embedded Imgur content should correctly show without the device being used to view the content becoming a factor.

Imgur was founded back in 2009, and currently receives uploads of 1.5 million pictures daily with 130 million monthly unique visitors. The platform, aside from hosting images and GIFs, also has a community component with votes, discussions and comments from users on content.

Imgur has been developing its services as supported by the $40 million that the company raised in 2014. In February, Imgur released a tool that allows users to produce their own GIFs from videos, before revamping the website's content discovery engine and releasing a new app for iOS devices.

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