Imagine winning a free tropical vacation — only to realize you'd have to leave your wife behind. While some men might be happy to live it up away from their family, one man humorously documented his vacation pretending to look downright miserable.

Reddit user WidgetDude won a trip to Puerto Rico, but had to go alone while his wife stayed at home to care for their six-month-old baby. Rather than make her jealous with pictures of an amazing time in the clear water, enjoying good food and drinks, he took photos that made it look like he was having a horrible time.

WidgetDude uploaded his now viral miserable vacation album taken by a "dedicated friend" onto IMGUR, before sharing it on Reddit. WidgetDude began to document the journey as soon as he left his wife at the airport, starting with a grim portrait on the airplane.

He looks ashen sitting poolside, snorkeling, and even at the casino.