The gif (or "jif" if you like to pronounce things wrong) is one of the primary means of communication on the Internet. We've evolved past the point of "words" or "sentences" and instead have become quite adept at expressing ourselves with animated pictures while online.

For a while there have been barriers preventing every Internet-loving soul from jumping on the gif bandwagon. While anybody can find and use gifs, creating them used to be a pain. But no longer! Image hosting site Imgur has just introduced its very own gif creation tool, and it's going to change the Internet forever. Probably.

The process is painfully simple. First, go here to Imgur's video to gif tool.

Then pick a video. Imgur currently says it supports hundreds of video hosting sites, so chances are your video will be good to go. To be safe, we'll use a popular YouTube video, like this one of Lars Andersen, archer extraordinaire.

Imgur will take a moment to load the video, then you simply set a begin point and end point for your gif and click 'Create GIF'!

It's that easy. You can also add text to the gif if you so desire. Here is our finished gif.

Creating gifs is as easy as that. Now you don't have to worry about typing eloquent phrases or misspelling difficult words. Just let your beautiful, animated images do the talking.

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