Samsung Galaxy S6 Users Report Of Camera Flash Issue


Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, is all set for the global launch date of April 10. However, there could be a major bug that comes with the highly anticipated device.

Most of the news surrounding the Galaxy S6 has been on its expansive list of features and powerful hardware, in addition to its unique design and construction compared to its predecessors. However, customers that already have the device through pre-orders are reporting a different kind of news, with an issue in the software of the Galaxy S6 related to the smartphone's camera flash.

A thread has emerged at the XDA Developers forum where users with the Galaxy S6 have been discussing details regarding the camera flash LED of the device. Apparently, even if the camera is not being used, the flash LED does not fully turn off and continues to be dimly lit.

An interesting aspect of the possible software problem is that the flash LED remains to be lit but only very dimly, which makes it difficult to see that it is still on unless the device is in a very dark location. In addition, some Galaxy S6 users are even saying that the flash LED remains turned on even if the smartphone has been completely turned off.

The most significant concern stemming from having the camera flash LED always turned on is the effect on the battery life of the Galaxy S6. The smartphone does not come with a removable battery, which means that taking it out to make sure that the flash LED loses power is not possible.

The issue would need to be repaired through an update of the Galaxy S6's software. However, the fact that the flash LED continues to be dimly lit even while the smartphone is turned off raises certain questions on what the problem could exactly be.

Such an issue may lead to customers shying away from purchasing a Galaxy S6 right before the device's global launch. With a flash LED that is always turned on, what other major issues could there be in the device? In addition, there have been reports that customers are receiving units of the Galaxy S6 Edge version of the smartphone with blemishes and scratches right out of the box.

However, it is possible that these issues can only be found on the units that are being shipped before the global launch date. It is hoped that Samsung has caught these issues just in time for the units that will be released on April 10.

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