You Can Now Play This 'Pong,' 'Pac-Man' And 'Space Invaders' Mash-Up Game For Free


When you look back at early arcade games like Pong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders, they seem incredibly simplistic compared to today's video games, from the graphics to the gameplay. However, a mash-up of all three games may just be the most difficult video game you've played in a while.

Pacapong, as this mash-up is called, has all of the main recognizable features from all three of these games, all mixed up in one wild, 8-Bit soup. It's a two-player game where one player launches a Pac-Man from his or her Pong paddle to the left or the right of the maze in the middle. Each player takes turns passing the Pac-Man back-and-forth, but not without navigating through the maze collecting pellets while avoiding those pesky ghosts first. Players also have to shoot at Space Invader's little alien dudes with their paddles amidst all of this chaos.

Good luck keeping all of that straight. I'm pretty sure you can only do well at this game if you have at least six hands available.

However, even though this game seems undoubtedly tricky, it also sounds like a whole lot of fun, no? Well, it should, especially because you can download Pacapong to play for free now from the indie game developer platform Pacapong was created by illustrator, designer and game developer Dick Poelen, a.k.a. kingPenguin. The game is available to play on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Playing Pacapong is sure to give you a newfound appreciation for these games.

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