Apple will reportedly start iPhone 6 production in just a few weeks at the start of the second quarter. Additionally, Pegatron is opening a new factory and adding many workers, in order to keep up with the demand for iPhone 6 components. 

The iPhone 6 launch is one of the most highly anticipated tech events of 2014 already and a specific date isn't even close to being announced yet. However, these recent reports that production will soon be under way seems to indicate that Apple is gearing up for a huge iPhone 6 launch.

The Commercial Times reported that iPhone 6 production would begin in the second quarter of 2014, citing unnamed sources. It also stated that Pegatron had decided to set up a new factory and hire a huge number of new employees, so as to meet Apple's demands for key components. The new factory is located in the outskirts of Shanghai at Kunshan, but it is unknown how many workers will be hired to fill the factory or how many iPhones it is expected to produce.

Another report from Korea's Etnews, states that Taiwanese company AUO is now going to stop producing iPad Mini displays and focus on iPhone 6 displays instead. Samsung will reportedly take over iPad Mini display production again. 

These two reports strongly hint that Apple's iPhone 6 launch will be huge and that the company is expected even higher demand for its new flagship than it did with the iPhone 5S launch last year. Indeed, if Apple takes the plunge, as expected, and issues a 4.7-inch iPhone, fanbois everywhere will go absolutely wild.

Although Apple's move from 3.5 to 4-inches with the iPhone 5 mostly just made people yawn, the jump from 4 to 4.7-inches would be much more significant, not only because it's a 0.7-inch increase, but also because it would put the iPhone 6 near phablet territory. Currently, the rumors point towards a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the rumor mongers are loving every minute of it.

Recently, well-reputed leaker Sonny Dickson posted what he claims to be the specifications of the iPhone 6 on Twitter. According to Dickson, the iPhone 6 will feature an ultra retina display with a pixel density of 389ppi, be 0.22-inches thick and contain the new A8 processor, which will clock in at 2.6GHz. Other reports point to similar specs and a 4.7-inch display size for the iPhone 6.

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 6 in June or July of this year, though nobody knows for sure when the new flagship will arrive. In the meantime, the rumors will continue to grow and hopefully, some legitimate specifications and photos will start to appear this spring.

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