The wait is over. Apple's iOS 8.3 update is finally here, and most exciting of all is that it has brought with it that new set of racially diverse emoji that we've all been waiting for.

But you probably knew that already. The Interwebs have been buzzing with mostly glee, some confusion and some indignation over the emoji that are still not a part of our lives. Where is the taco emoji, Apple? WHERE IS IT? Oh well. Better luck next time, humanity.

However, with more than 300 new emojis added to iOS devices, this update has been incredibly exciting overall, especially because it's all about being more inclusive. Unfortunately, though updates bring new additions, they also bring big changes. Several emoji have been altered or taken away with Apple's iOS 8.3 update. Here are the ones that look a little different or that you have to say goodbye to altogether.

1. The Rays Have Been Removed From The High Five

Now there's no debate over whether these hands are praying or high-fiving.

2. Families Now Come In All Forms

A family emoji used to just include a man, woman and male child. However, Apple's iOS 8.3 update now shows families that are more reflective of what they actually look like in society. The new emojis have various combinations of one male and one female parent, two female parents or two male parents with one or two male or female children. It's a beautiful thing.

3. Those Skipping Women Now Have Bunny Ears

You know how that emoji of two women prancing in black leotards looked like they were wearing horns on their heads? Well now their accessory is a bit less ambiguous because it is most definitely huge bunny ears. Their posture is also less stiff overall. I'm still not sure exactly who these ladies are supposed to represent, but they do look like a certain bunny, and I don't mean the Easter kind.

4. The Computer Got An Upgrade

The computer emoji looks like the most up-to-date iMac model.

5. The iPhone Is Now An iPhone 6

I wonder how long the line was to get this iPhone 6 emoji?

6. The Apple Watch Arrived Early

Unfortunately, you still have to wait to get your diamond-encrusted edition.

7. The Surfer Grew Some Hair

Duuuuuude. The surfer emoji now has way longer hair, which is closer to what you would expect a surfer to look like.

8. New Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-6708 Styling

The Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-6708 emoji goes from a sunny tangerine color to a simple black-and-white styling.

9. New Squared Katakana Sa Styling

Similarly, the Squared Katakana Sa emoji changes from a bright blue to basic black-and-white.

10. The Blood Type Emoji Are A Lot Less Bloody Now

The AB emoji is still red for some reason though.

11. The Clock Faces Seem To Be Gone


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Photo: Pietro Zanarini | Flickr

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