Daredevil is the latest show on the small screen from Marvel and the first to make a big splash on Netflix. We've seen all 13 episodes, and it is safe to say that Marvel has found a way to beat DC at its own game.

We've long known that Daredevil was going to be a dark show, but who would have thought that Marvel would go the extra mile. Daredevil doesn't hold back as it shows the breaking of bones, a man's brain dropping from his head among many other things. This is something we have never seen from DC on the small screen, and it makes us wonder if Marvel is going to unseat DC in this regard.

The darkest TV show from DC right now is Arrow. In fact, the show is a shadow of its former self because season 1 gave viewers a dark and grueling Oliver Queen, but being a show on "The CW" we knew it wouldn't take long for it to become a complete mess that is overrun with characters who are knee deep in emotional turmoil.

Marvel did the smart thing here by pushing its show on Netflix to get more freedom. We wish DC would do a similar thing and place one of its shows on HBO since the network is owned by Warner Bros., but instead viewers are being treated to this mini Cinematic Universe on The CW.

Warner Bros. is already making waves to bring another DC related show to the network, and we can be certain that the characters will all come with emotional baggage that never ends.

What we love about Daredevil is how the show is less about the emotional foolishness that aims to grab the teen audience, and rather at the important things that are relevant to the story the writers want to tell. Surely, Daredevil is not perfect, but we had more fun watching 13 episodes of that show than five episodes of the Arrow.

So, is Daredevil better than the Arrow? Well, yeah it is. Arrow has its good times, but they are few in between the annoying adult characters who always find themselves in a teenage-like relationship drama.

Daredevil is what the Arrow should have been, but it is too late for that now.

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