A group of Hyundai vehicles allowed a teenager to send a message to her dad, who is up in space as an astronaut currently working in the International Space Station.

The message was delivered by 11 Hyundai Genesis sedans, with stunt drivers behind the wheels of the vehicles.

No, the drivers did not travel all the way to the International Space Station with the vehicles. What they did was create a tire track image that can be seen all the way up in space where the teenager's father was.

The drivers spelled out the message "Steph <3's You!" at the Delmar Dry Lake in Nevada, over a surface that is bigger in size than one and a half times that of Central Park.

The 13-year old girl from Houston named Stephanie appeared in the video that chronicled the message, which officially had a measurement of 59,808,480.26 square feet. Needless to say, the message was visible in space, and was big enough to earn the title of the largest tire track image at the Guinness World Records.

Stephanie was seen in what has now become a viral video, but Hyundai did not identify the astronaut that the message was for. According to ABC News, Expedition 43 commander Terry Virts is the possible recipient of the message, as the astronaut has a teenage daughter that is named Stephanie.

Virts, who was also involved in multiple space walks in the previous expedition that was helmed by then-commander Butch Wilmore, will not have to wait long before he can personally respond to Stephanie's message, as the expedition team will be returning to Earth in May. Virts has gained popularity in social media websites such as Vine and Twitter for his posts of amazing pictures and videos of the planet Earth from out in space.

As seen in the video, Hyundai utilized advanced technology to be able to have the Genesis sedans drive in perfect choreography with the task of replicating the message that Stephanie had written down on a piece of paper.

Shown is the 'Hyundai: Message to Space,' video, along with a behind the scenes look at the effort.

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