The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is being plagued by problems with its gyroscope, causing some of the handset to fail to auto rotate. Sprint and Verizon customers appear to have it the worst.

Some users believe the problem to stem from the gyroscope itself. There is one theory suggesting that the heat from the S6's fast charging is disrupting the gyroscope.

Others are associating the auto rotate issue with an update for the S6. One user on XDA Developers' forums received a replacement phone and kept auto-update off but used a fast charger to give the S6 Edge a full battery.

"Just got back from replacing my first Edge at the Sprint store with this issue," states XDA Developers forum user ChrisM0678. "I made sure Auto Updates was turned off and less than an hour and a half later the same thing is happening to this S6 Edge ... WTF!!"

For Samsung, the hope would be that the issue is software-related because the company could eventually resolve the problem with an over-the-air update.

If it's hardware related, this game of attempting to exchange away the problem could go on too long and hurt future sales of the S6 Edge. Some consumers have reported being on their third S6 handsets, less than a week after the smartphone launched.

For S6 Edge users concerned their phones are experiencing similar problems, there's a simple test that can be performed to check the integrity of the data generated by their gyroscopes:  Tap "*#0*#" into the phone dialer keypad and select the "Sensor" option. If the X is stuck at -32768, then there's a problem and its probably best to take the handset in for an exchange.

In addition, if users reports are true, Samsung and the S6 Edge's carriers want consumers to swap out their defective handsets as soon as possible.

"I talked to the Sprint repair techs in the store I was at and They told me that Samsung believes it's caused by a software glitch in some of the phones," states XDA Developers forum user Eddy420. "They have told the Sprint Stores to replace any phones that have this problem they want as many as they can get their hands on so they can figure this out."

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