Adrien Broner just can't keep his mouth shut...even during a DUI arrest.

Footage from the talkative boxer's DUI arrest in his native Ohio this past January just hit the Internet on Friday and it's pretty bad, yet amusing at the same time. Despite slurring his words and clearly being under the influence, Broner makes it a point to tell the arresting officer that he's "not drunk."

He also proceeds to keep talking...even if he's not making much sense. After being cuffed and put in the back of the police car, Broner is informed that he didn't do well on his roadside sobriety test. The boxer responded, "I did do well," before laughing and telling the arresting officer, "I love you."

TMZ has a way of hyping up their videos, but this one is the epitome of having to see it to believe it.

  He also tells her that he's "blessed" because he's a multi-millionaire boxer who has made $100 million. When the officer asks him where he boxes, Broner hilariously responds, "the world."

"Ya'll don't know who you arrested. If ya'll did, I'd be on the news right now," he also says during the arrest. Amazingly, Broner pled not guilty for this DUI. He might want to retract that upon seeing this video. This is the same guy who said this, so that's probably not going to happen.

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