Dealing with our emotions just got a lot more interesting, thanks to this clip for Pixar's upcoming animated feature, Inside Out.

The film centers around 11-year-old Riley (voiced by Amy Poehler) who deals with her emotions as physical things: Riley's emotions are real beings that she talks to on a regular basis.

In this first trailer for the film, Riley is preparing for her first day at a new school, spending the time before her day begins telling her emotions how to prepare and behave. Particularly humor is the way she deals with Sadness (Phyllis Smith) by drawing a circle around it and basically telling it to keep all sad thoughts in that tiny "circle of sadness."

Other voice actors for Inside Out includes Bill Hader as Fear, Lewis Black as Anger (those familiar with his stand-up comedy routines know this was excellent casting), Mindy Kaling as Disgust.

In this comedy film, Riley must deal with her heightened emotions after her family moves to a scary new city, but things get more terrifying for her when Sadness and Joy get lost in her mind, taking some of her favorite memories with them. There, the emotions travel through some scary and interesting places. It's up to Riley to look inside herself and find those emotions and bring them back to Headquarters where they belong.

Meg LeFauve, who co-wrote Inside Out, is rumored as one of the writers for the upcoming Captain Marvel film, along with Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy). Inside Out's director is Pete Docter, who also directed Pixar's Up.

In addition to releasing the new trailer, Pixar also announced that Inside Out will premiere at next month's Cannes Film Festival.

"We are overjoyed at being included in this year's official selection at Cannes," says Docter. "With Inside Out, we spent years imagining - and then building - never-before-seen settings and characters within the mind. It was an incredible, fun and exciting challenge and now we can't wait to share it with the world."

Inside Out will make its worldwide debut on June 19.

[Photo Credit: Pixar]

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