Japan's live-action adaptation of the smash-hit Attack on Titan anime will be landing in theaters this August, but so far we've only seen bits and pieces of what to expect. Character posters, a few clips here and there, nothing too exciting.

This new trailer, however, is definitely worth getting excited about. It gives us our best look at the film to date, shows the cast in action, and gives us an even better glance at the terrifying Titans that will be breaching the walls of the city and eating the film's protagonists for dinner.

In the anime, Eren Yaeger, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and their friend Armin Alert all join their city's defense forces after a Titan attack leaves Eren's mother dead. From there the series documents the group's struggles to overcome the Titan menace, in the process uncovering a conspiracy that may shake the kingdom to its very core.

How closely the film adaptation will follow the anime is still unknown, but trailers and posters do provide some clues. As spotted in some of the posters leading up to this trailer, the film adaptation of the anime looks to have more of a modern touch. While soldiers in the anime have cannons and even rifles to help fight against the Titan menace, rocket launchers can be seen in the trailer. The buildings and walls in the trailer also have a distinctly modern look to them. Not that it will matter when it all comes tumbling down.

And come down it does. The trailer features a number of scenes depicting widespread death and destruction, as Titans stampede the city walls and leave total devastation in their wake.

The Colossal Titan, which can be seen in the trailer peeking its massive, skinless head over the wall, in particular looks spectacular. We know the film will be employing both traditional Japanese tokusatsu effects (men in suits) alongside CGI. It's difficult to tell what camp the Colossal Titan falls into. Is it all CGI? A guy in a suit with some digital effects over the top? Hard to say, but the end result is stunning.

Directed by Shinji Higuchi (who will next work on Japan's next Godzilla film), the live-action Attack on Titan adaptation will be spread across two films. The first will premiere Aug. 8. Part two, titled Attack on Titan: End of the World, will arrive on Sept. 19.

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