Ever wonder what it's really like to work 9 to 5 in an office? Sure, the free coffee sounds like a great work perk, but you sure will need it for eight hours of completing mundane tasks like putting stamps on envelops and making copies.

Whether you never got to experience having an office job or are currently sitting in your cubicle right now wondering if anyone else shares the same struggle, this GoPro video will show you what it's really like to work in an office.

The video, an unofficial GoPro commercial, was posted on Monday and has already received more than 1 million views. YouTube user Braziliandanny wore his GoPro to work one day to capture the office life, and later edited his footage to mimic a GoPro commercial.

And he really is a hero.

With music by Overwerk, the viral video starts off dramatically, as the viewer feels like this is one important dude in charge of filing paperwork and making calls. But at his work day progresses, we can only feel for this guy whose main job is the stuff envelopes, make labels and fax documents.

The paper-pusher kills time by spinning in his office chair, scrolling through Reddit, and doodling on Post-it notes. After enjoying his complimentary coffee, he takes a long bathroom break where browses through his Twitter feed and even plays a game.

But the office employee really does put in the work, even if it's just stapling papers or preparing the mail.

The video does show some pretty cool camera angles when he is at the fax machine, and he also uses timelapse to show all the mail he prepared. The nicely shot and edited video was even noticed by GoPro.

"Every day office HERO," the company wrote in the comments section of the video with the hashtag #GoPro.

While some wished they had an office job instead of dealing with customers, at least they got to see what an office job is really like through this worker's "bring the Internet to work day" GoPro video.

Watch the video below.

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Photo: Braziliandanny | YouTube

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