WWE Debuts Seth Rollins' New Finishing Move, And It's Awful


Yesterday, rumors that the WWE had banned Seth Rollins from using his 'Curb Stomp' finisher started circulating. According to inside sources, the company was worried that the Curb Stomp presented too much of a threat to the athlete's head and neck, and Seth Rollins would no longer be able to use the move in competition.

Yes, it's a shame that Rollins is no longer able to use his most recognizable finishing move, but it's not as if the WWE doesn't have a good reason for banning it.

Of course, you can't be successful in professional wrestling without some sort of finishing move, and Rollins was quick to replace the Curb Stomp.

On last night's episode of Monday Night Raw, Rollins debuted his new finishing move - and, while it doesn't have a name quite yet, one thing's for certain: it's no Curb Stomp.

During last night's main event, Rollins (thank to interference from Sheamus) was able to hit Dolph Ziggler with his new finishing move. At first, it looked like some sort of standard DDT, but instead of simply dropping to the mat, Rollins swang forward instead. Whereas a normal DDT would simply look like an opponent's head hitting the mat, this new variation looks like a pair of grown men trying to belly flop at the same time.

It's all the more painful to watch because of how effective the Curb Stomp was: sure, it wasn't the most acrobatic finishing move in the world, but it looked absolutely brutal and worked perfectly with Rollins' character. The Curb Stomp was tailor-made for Seth Rollins, whereas this new finisher just looks awkward.

(Jump to the 3:00 min. mark to see the new finishing move)

If anything, Rollins' new finisher should be something a bit more acrobatic: the man's got some serious talent when he's in the air, but it's so rarely utilized. This new DDT finishing move doesn't speak to Rollins' strength as a performer; something off the top rope would do a much better job at showcasing his talent.

With any luck, Rollins' can work the kinks out of this new move, or find an entirely new one - either way, it'll be hard to replace the Curb Stomp.

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