Another month, another Xbox update.

This month's list of new features, however, is dominated by the Windows 10 side of the Xbox platform.

You can read over the full list of new features over on the blog of Xbox's Major Nelson, but below are some of the highlights.

The Xbox app on Windows 10 is getting a whole host of new abilities come May. First and foremost among them is the ability to use Xbox's game DVR function on PC games, as well as taking screen shots. A new avatar app will let users customize their Xbox avatars from their Windows 10 PC. Real name sharing will also be coming to Windows 10, as it did to Xbox One a few months back.

Last but certainly not least, Xbox One controller drivers now come included with Windows 10. No need to hunt through the bowels of the Internet to download them in order to get your Xbox controller working on your PC.

Overall, the update will mostly be bringing Windows 10 up to speed with its console counterpart, but there are a number of Xbox One-only updates coming in May as well. Users will soon be able to turn their Xbox on and off using the Xbox Smartglass app on their tablets. Another nifty new feature is the Wireless Display app.

Once downloaded, the app will allow users to display photos from their phone onto the television through the Xbox, as well as stream "non-protected" video content from their PC to the Xbox.

You will also (finally!) be able to select a power mode for your console: instant-on or energy-saving.

For a full rundown of all the new features, check out the video below.

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