Apple has released the last three Guided Tours for the Apple Watch, with the videos featuring the functionalities of Apple Pay, Workout and Activity.

The addition of these Guided Tours has completed the particular section of Apple's mini-site dedicated to the Apple Watch. The other Guided Tours for the Apple Watch are videos for Messages, Digital Touch, faces, Siri, phone calls, Music and Maps.

Similar to the other Guided Tours, the three new videos show users how to set up the features, along with explanations on their benefits.

For Apple Pay, the process of linking a credit card that is already connected to the user's iTunes account is shown, along with linking an entirely new credit card through the iPhone app of the Apple Watch. Users are shown that they can set up their Apple Watch for Apple Pay through entering the security code of the credit card, though there are some banks that will need for the user to undergo a two-step verification.

When users double click the device's side button, the default credit card of the user is brought up, and swiping on the screen goes through the options for the Apple Watch app for the iPhone. After completing the initial setup process, Apple Watch users can begin using Apple Pay at compatible terminals without having to take out their iPhones from their pockets.

For the Workout Guided Tour, the video shows the exercise routines built into the device, along with the tracking functionalities of the Apple Watch that is made possible by its suite of sensors or through connecting the device by Bluetooth to another fitness device. Users are allowed to determine their workout goals depending on time or burned calories, along with distance goals for walking, running and cycling.

For the Guided Tour of Activity, the video shows how three fitness goals are being tracked, specifically standing once per hour, calories burned and brisk activity accumulated. When the Activity app is opened for the first instance, users are required to enter personal information such as age, sex, weight and normal activity levels. This allows the app to correctly evaluate users for personalized experiences.

Apple also revealed that there will be a standalone Activity app for the iPhone which will sync with the progress being made on the Apple Watch displayed as graphs, rings and metrics. The Guided Tour also showcases the Health apps' capability for reminders, data storage and awards.

The Apple Watch will begin shipping out to customers that first preordered the device on April 24.

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