If you follow beauty trends, then you know the importance of a polished manicure to complete any look. We've seen the rise in popularity of gel manicures, almond nails, and even coffin nails.

Whatever shape you choose, it can be costly to keep heading back to your salon every week or two to get your nails back on point. Not to mention, there are only so many colors and designs available, with most women rocking similar styles.

Now, your nails can stand out by using the app NailSnaps that allows you create customized manicures.

"NailSnaps is a free mobile app that you can download to turn your photos into custom nail art," says NailSnaps founder Angel Anderson. "Any photo that you can imagine can become custom wearable art."

To create your customer mani, all users have to do is snap a new photo, upload any picture already on your phone or one from Instagram or Facebook on the app. These images can be anything from an interesting pattern design, an image of a sunset, your favorite Marvel characters or even your face.

NailSnaps users then can zoom in on the nail to crop the image to show exactly how they want it to appear on the nail and decide whether to copy that image to all fingers or to just a select few. This feature allows users to easily make accent nails with trendy designs for an even more unique manicure.

"You can actually get different parts of the image on each nail and sort of tell a story in five fingers," Anderson says.

Need some inspiration? The app has a social element that allows users to show off their custom designs and favor the ones uploaded from others, so you can create similar styles.

"When you are in the app, you can see what your friends have created so you can get inspired," Anderson says. "It creates this wonderful world of allowing people to connect around the nail art that they've already been sharing in droves."

If you are on Instagram, you know how big of a trend nail art photos are.

"Nail art is one of the top five most shared items on the Web," says Anderson.

NailSnaps gives beauty fans a platform to connect, share, and monetize on their creations.

"People are already sharing nail art for social currency, and that's what has really driven nail art into the mainstream," Anderson says. "What we want to do is allow people to have a marketplace where they can buy each other's designs and suddenly monetize that creativity that previously they were only sharing for social currency."

Once you created your nail art or found one you like, you can save the design or purchase it immediately. It costs $19, with free shipping in the U.S., for each custom manicure, which Anderson says is comparable to the average $20 a woman would pay for a manicure in a salon.

The package comes with two sheets with petite and regular size stickers for "maximum fit and flexibility," along with a mini nail file, which is all you need to apply the design.

Get ready to tell all your friends you nailed it when you download NailSnaps for free on iOS, with possible plans for an Android version in the future.

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