With many consumers in the latest generation of adults filling the ranks of the "cord never" crowd, Cablevision has adjusted two of its service packages to support those who don't intend to ever link up with cable and those who have cut the cord.

The new Cord Cutter and Everyday Low Price packages include digital antennas and low broadband prices to encourage the cord cutter and cord never lifestyles.

"'Cord cutters' and 'cord nevers,' who prefer to access video through the Internet, can now easily self-select the broadband products they want and receive over-the-air broadcast TV through a digital antenna," says Cablevision.

The two new bundles are a result of Cablevisions' re-imagining of its relationship with its consumers, says Kristin Dolan, Cablevision's chief operating officer.

"Our new 'cord cutter' packages take a modern approach to traditional triple-product bundles and provide real alternatives that fit new consumer lifestyles," Dolan says.

Both of the cord cutter packages include complimentary Mohu Leaf antennas, which cost about $70 on their own. The packages also include access to Cablevision's roughly 1.1 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the tri-state area and exclusive access to HBO Now, for an extra monthly charge.

Besides the costs, the difference between the $45 Cord Cutter package and the $35 Everyday Low Price bundle is the speed of the Internet services they include. The Cord Cutter package includes Cablevision's Optimum Online Ultra 50 and faster, which has a download speed of up to 50 Mbps, while the Everyday Low Price bundle includes Optimum Online Internet Basics at its 5 Mbps download speed.

While the Cord Cutter bundle offers the faster tier of Internet service, Cablevision throws in Wi-Fi calling service Freewheel for those who happen to have Moto G Smartphones or don't mind paying the $100 to get one. 

Wi-Fi was designed for data and cellular for voice, and that's why Wi-Fi is the chosen standard for data usage, Dolan said as she introduced Freewheel two months ago.

"Freewheel integrates a high quality device backed by the strength of our professionally maintained carrier-grade Wi-Fi network," says Dolan. "As the thirst for data continues to grow, Freewheel provides consumers with a better, faster data experience, all at a fraction of the cost of cellular."

Freewheel costs $30 on its own and $10 when paired with an Optimum Online package, so the inclusion in the $35 Everyday Low Price package is certainly a value for those who choose to use it.

Photo: Jason Rosenberg | Flickr

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