Apple just shipped its first wearable, the highly anticipated and high in demand Apple Watch. New Apple Watch owners are flooding online forums with problems like,connecting to Wi-Fi networks, long sync times, and problems with notifications, snd more.

Almost every time Apple launches a new iPhone and the smartphones begin making their way to customers, there are always reports of issues with the device. When Apple began to ship the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September, there were reports that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus was bending while users had it placed in pockets. The issue was coined 'Bendgate' and instilled fear into current iPhone 6 Plus owners and future ones. 'Bendgate' ended up being a very isolated incident that affected only a few iPhone 6 Plus handsets, which were replaced by Apple.

For Apple and consumer's sake, 'Bendgate' was nothing more than a very rare issue with a very low percentage affecting early iPhone 6 Plus owners and has quickly disappeared after the initial reports. Apple is once again facing major issues with the company's much-hyped and first smartwatch, the Apple Watch. It was just delivered to consumers and they are already flooding Apple's online Apple Watch support forums with reported issues, problems, and in some case fixes, many are experiencing with the Apple Watch.

Apple recently revealed that the Apple Watch would be able to connect to the same Wi-Fi networks that ones iPhone currently does, which would allow Apple Watch users not connected to their iPhone via Bluetooth still use many features, including the ability to send and receive iMessages, send and receive Digital Touch messages, and use Siri. This feature has been causing issues for many new Apple Watch owners.

Another cool feature of the Apple Watch is that it allows users to sync playlists from iPhones. This is a useful feature, especially for exercising, since you don't need to carry your iPhone; you can simply pair a Bluetooth headset with the Apple Watch and listen to music stored on the device. Again, many new Apple Watch owners are facing an issue, where songs are taking long or not syncing to the Apple Watch.

Multiple users are also reporting that text and email notifications are not showing up on the Apple Watch. A user has suggested anyone experiencing this should try what worked for him, "have been experiencing issues try to get email and text notifications on my apple watch and noticed that if you go to the Apple Watch App then Notifications and select either Mail or Message. Now set the notification type to 'custom' and show Alert you should now get notifications on both your apple watch and iPhone at the same time.... or at least in my case. "

As with many first generation devices for Apple in a brand new category, users should expect some issues out of the gate, and most current Apple Watch owners will be happy to know that Apple is planning on releasing an update to Watch OS in the very near future.

Did you get your Apple Watch yet? Which model did you pick up? How do you like it? Are you facing any issues? Please let us know in the comments below.

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