Seth Rollins, your worst nightmare has come true, thanks to the WWE Universe.

Kane, the WWE's director of operations, made it clear to the WWE world heavyweight champion that the fans would choose his fate at the company's next pay-per-view, Payback. Rollins must not have taken it seriously, calling Kane the Cryptkeeper amidst the exchange. (Kane sent a shot back, comparing Rollins to pop star Justin Bieber. Highlights in your hair will leave you open for that).

But after Randy Orton and Roman Reigns scored a win over Rollins and Kane — via pinfall after the Viper nailed the champion with an RKO — Rollins' night took a turn for the worse.

"It's now time to find out who the WWE voted for to be Seth Rollins opponent at Payback," said Kane outside of the ring, while breathing heavily after the tag-team match. "Will it be Randy Orton? Will it be Roman Reigns? Will it be Orton AND Reigns?

With that, a groggy Rollins gathered enough strength to stand up, using the ropes for balance. He looked up at the Titan Tron to get the answer on how the WWE Nation voted and the tallied numbers showed a landslide 78 percent in favor of a Rollins-Reigns-Orton Triple Threat match at Payback. Rollins looked absolutely horrified, while Reigns, Orton and even Kane seemed to approve.

And for good measure, Reigns expressed that gratification with a spear on Rollins, sending the champ crashing to the mat. Life hits you fast, huh, Seth? Does all this add up to the coronation of Reigns as WWE champion? He definitely gained momentum with that effort against Big Show at WWE Extreme Rules on Sunday night. Is his time now or will Orton score and RKO outta nowhere to take back the title? That, or Rollins will defend his title, adding to his impressive and growing WWE resume.

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