Everything that fans have seen from Mad Max: Fury Road so far has been fantastic. Each and every single trailer has been incredible, and yet, markedly different from one another: the first trailer was more quiet and brooding (relatively speaking), while the second teaser was a gasoline-soaked roller coaster of explosions.

It's everything that fans could have hoped for, and for once, it looks like a franchise reboot understands why fans loved the original so much. Thankfully, there's not much of a wait left between now and the film's theatrical debut.

However, before Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters, fans have one last chance to preview the film before its debut. The final theatrical trailer for Mad Max just debuted online, and if you're worried that it might not hit the same high as its predecessors, fear not: if anything, the final trailer for Mad Max is the perfect blend of everything fans are excited for.

...and you know what that means: explosions everywhere.

For the first minute or so, it seems like the final Mad Max trailer is going to be a bit quieter than previous teasers. The trailer sets up the tone of the world extremely well, but fans who were hoping for more action needn't worry: the teaser quickly devolves into gunfights, car chases, and yes - explosions.

If there's any one thing that the Mad Max trailers have done perfectly so far, it's selling the idea of a true wasteland. There are endless stretches of desert as far as the eye can see, but everything, from the cars to the bandits, looks fantastic. The focus on actual practical effects is also a highlight - while there's definitely some CG effects throughout the movie, watching actual cars explode, flip and tear each other apart just looks so much more visceral. Again, it sells the idea of a brutal, unforgiving wasteland...which is exactly the sort of thing fans are hoping for.

Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters on May 15.

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