As the temperatures rise and jackets come off, having an effective hair removal plan is a must for both women and men.

To learn how to keep it as painless as possible, we spoke to Noemi Grupenmager, founder of UNI K Wax Centers with locations in California, Florida and New York. Go ahead and spring clean your skin using some of these tips on how to handle hair removal.

First of all, healthy, hydrated skin is essential to achieve better hair removal results. "Drinking water and applying moisturizer on a daily basis is not only beneficial to your body leading up to a wax, but highly beneficial to your overall health," Grupenmager says. "With healthy, plump skin that is hydrated, the hair follicle is easily removed, making for a more gentle waxing experience."

So, be sure to drink up, but stick with water and skip alcohol. Although downing some liquid courage may be tempting, Grupenmager advises against it.

"Many people think it will ease the pain, but it doesn't. Rather, it actually tightens pores, restricting the hair from being removed completely or the hair will break at skin level," she says. Plus, alcohol often leads to dehydration, making it fall under the what-not-to-do category. "With dehydrated skin, you risk the chance of the hair breaking off at skin level, which reduces the positive effects of waxing."

Believe it or not, Grupenmager says "a pain-free wax is achievable," and Uni K specializes in creating comfortable experiences for clients. All locations utilize their own all-natural, elastic wax, which is applied at body temperature and made fresh for each customer's service.

"When the wax is applied to the skin, due to the warmth and flexible nature of the wax, pores easily open and soak in the nourishing properties of the natural wax, allowing for easier removal of the hair at the follicle," she says.

Utilizing fresh wax for each client maintains a sterile, hygienic environment, reducing the risk of post-treatment problems.

Caring for the skin after the treatment is just as important as the preparation before the appointment. Immediately after any waxing service, apply an individual cold pack to the area to minimize ingrown hairs.

"This will close the pores, prevent bacteria from entering and ingrown hairs from forming," adds Grupenmager. "Then, apply a cooling, moisturizing cucumber gel to the area. You will feel fantastic and your skin will look wonderful."

Exfoliating the skin can also help to diminish the chances of developing ingrown hairs. However, be sure to avoid exfoliating one to two days right before and immediately after an appointment to reduce the risk of further irritating the skin.

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