If your computer still runs on Windows XP, you should be aware that Microsoft will no longer support the operating system by April 8 which means that by this date, technical assistance will no longer be provided to XP users.

If for some reasons you still want to keep using XP, you should at least know that the 13-year old OS will no longer get automatic updates and the Microsoft Security Essentials will no longer be available for you to download albeit if you already have the antivirus software installed you can still receive updated anti-malware signatures until April 15, 2015.

Don't despair though if you're an XP fan and find it difficult to part with the old operating system because Microsoft has come up with ways to make the transition easier for you. If you're buying any of the select computers and tablets on the Microsoft website using a computer running Windows XP, you will receive a $100 rebate off the new device.

The catch, however, is the discount only applies if you buy any of Microsoft's slate tablet Surface Pro 2 and select computers that are priced no cheaper than $599. These "select computers" include the 14-inch Acer Aspire V5-473P-6459 Touchscreen Laptop priced at $599 and the 15.6-inch Quad HD Dell XPS 15 15-8947sLV Touchscreen Laptop priced at $2,299.00.

You will also get three months-worth of free support as well as free data transfer that will allow you to seamlessly transfer your files such as photos, videos and music via Laplink, a data migration service that Microsoft has partnered with.

If you're the type who shuns buying anything online even from Microsoft's official online store, you have the option to bring your old XP device to any of the company's brick and mortar retail stores and get $100 off your purchase of a Windows 8.1 device that's at least $599.

"This is a special promotion for current XP users. Customers going to MicrosoftStore.com from a machine running Windows XP will see the deal pop up automatically," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "People can also bring in their old XP device to one of the more than 80 Microsoft retail store locations and instantly save $100 on the purchase of a qualifying PC priced at $599 or above."

The offer is valid until June 15 or while supplies last and is available for customers in the United States including Puerto Rico and Canada.

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